Knott Mechanical | HVAC – Preventative Maintenance
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Our goal is to help you make cents of maintenance and keep your operating expenses to a minimum


A comprehensive preventative HVAC maintenance program minimizes the risk of equipment failure and will lower the overall cost of operating commercial office buildings. Keeping operating expenses at a minimum as they relate to unnecessary repairs and energy consumption, is a key component to the success of property managers and owners. A comprehensive preventative maintenance program is the best way to ensure your ventilation equipment is running at maximum efficiency, thus consuming the least amount of energy at all times.


Above and Beyond


Knott Mechanical believes establishing preventative maintenance standards that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s guidelines are necessary for every piece of equipment, not just some. Those guidelines exist for a reason. Imagine if a mechanic serviced your car every month and never changed the oil. While only one part, it can have serious consequences for the entire engine and your HVAC equipment is no different. Trust your HVAC system to the only company guaranteed to perform every task for piece of equipment, not just the ones we think need it.


Attention Property Owners


Each year the Building Owners and Managers Association, an international organization representing over 90 million square feet of commercial real estate, conducts a survey of why tenants leave office buildings. Every year, the number one or two reason is HVAC breakdowns. When you invest in your HVAC, your tenants invest in you.


We have serviced over 3,000 boilers across 5 different industries.



Careers Knott Mechanical


We’re always looking for new faces to join our team of top techs.


When you join our team, you become apart of the Knott Family. That’s why we’ve deployed a cutting-edge approach to our HR process.






We guarantee data-driven solutions and reliable service for every customer.


Jonas allows us to promise you reliable and communicative service you won’t find anywhere else.


Talk to one of our HVAC specialists to about our preventative maintenance options.