Knott Mechanical | Plumbing – Excavation Services
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Our team has the capacity to support excavation projects both large and small, from hydrant installation to duct bank excavation.


The Excavation Division handles all underground work at Knott Mechanical from start to finish. We have the flexibility of a small company with the experience of a large excavation division.

Full Service Experience


  • Demolition of concrete and asphalt Demolition of concrete and asphalt
  • Excavation to expose the leaking/broken section of pipe
  • Removal of existing pipe
  • Replacement with new pipe
  • Backfill and compact with existing and/or clean fill material
  • Form and pour concrete and/or place asphalt.


  • Water and Sewer service repair and replacement
  • Underground Domestic and Fire main repair and replacement
  • Valve and Hydrant installation and replacement
  • Concrete and asphalt demolition, removal, and replacement
  • Storm drain pipe and structure installation, repair, and replacement
  • Duct Bank excavation, concrete pouring, and backfilling
  • Grading work
  • Storm drain swale management and Rip Rap stone placement

Ready to start your career with Knott Mechanical?

Talk to one of our plumbing specialists to see how Knott’s team can help with your excavation needs.