Knott Mechanical | Plumbing Technician III
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Career Developmental Objectives


Significantly and consistently exceed expectation(s) of job duties/functions on a dat to day basis. Which are as follows:


  • All Tech I and Tech II required developmental objectives
  • Must possess at minimum a valid and current state of Maryland Journeyman Plumbers license.
  • Must possess valid and current backflow certification
  • Commercial water heater installation (gas and electric)
  • Commercial water heater troubleshooting/repair (gas and electric)
  • Duplex pumping system installation
  • Duplex pumping system troubleshooting/repair
  • Booster pump system installation
  • Booster pump troubleshooting/repair
  • Knowledge of current plumbing codes
  • Overall ability to troubleshoot/repair all plumbing systems with little or no assisstance
  • Demonstrate exceptional in-depth knowledge of their job duties/functions and be highly recognized by peers and clients
  • Skillfully and in a high reliable manner handle multiple and varied types of tasks.
  • Exhibit teamwork or is a team player in varied settings and influence others to work collaboratively to bring about a positive impact while furthering the goals of the department and company.
  • Exhibit model behavior that exemplifies Knott Mechanical’s vision, values, and behaviors.