Knott Mechanical | HVAC Service Tech I
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Career Developmental Objectives


HVAC Service Technician I’s must consistently demonstrate the following:


Visions and Values:


  • A passion for excellence to deliver the ultimate service experience.
  • Innovative thinking to create long term value and be the only ones that do what we do.
  • Integrity by knowing and doing what is right with the understanding that this is core to every interaction.
  • Accountability through the ownership of one’s own role.
  • A “live safety” mentality with the understanding that lives depend on it.


Work Safety


  • Keep and maintain all PPE in good working order.
  • Possess and properly utilize PPE whenever on a job site and/or performing work.
  • Follow LOTO procedures.
  • Always learn and follow client safety policy in addition to company safety policy.
  • Hold oneself and others accountable as it pertains to safety.
  • Observe, report and correct unsafe work environments or behaviors.


Perform Administrative Duties:


  • Be responsive to Supervisor, Dispatcher, Estimator/PM emails and calls.
  • Open and complete jobs timely.
  • Fill out tickets accurately and timely.
  • Include all relevant information in work order (WO) recommendations.
  • Follow proper procedure for all purchase orders.
  • Perform start up sheets on new equipment installations.
  • Sync after every job.
  • Communicate with Supervisor, Estimator/Project Managers when equipment is down requiring major repairs or replacement.
  • Communicate with Dispatch any/all changes in geographic location.
  • Submit time sheets timely.



Primarily work to assist fellow technicians accomplish maintenance, service, service repair and install work as needed, but may work independently on appropriate jobs. Small equipment and systems.


Possess the basic to intermediate knowledge and consistently demonstrate basic to intermediate skills in the following areas:


Customer Satisfaction
  • Effectively communicate with the customer – good quality check in/out during each visit.
  • Exceed customer/co-worker expectations and create extraordinary experiences through the delivery of quality products, systems, and services.
  • Generate positive feedback from our clients & co-workers.
  • Manage difficult client situations.
  • Maintain a professional image.


  • Insure accurate service analysis (i.e. troubleshooting) and solutions (repairs and recommendations) are accomplished within a reasonable amount of time, collaborate with Supervisor as required.
  • Insure actual hours are favorable to estimated hours on PM and Install work.
  • Insure all materials and labor are accurately reported for Time and Material work.


Service Technical Ability
  • Accurately maintain and troubleshoot systems and related equipment in accordance with operations, safety, and regulatory requirements.
  • Insure corrective and preventive maintenance are completed to contractual commitments and within established timeframes.
  • Communicate effectively with facts and data.
  • Use sound independent judgment.
  • Read and interpret plans, prints, schematics, and work orders.


Quality of Work
  • Are accurate, thorough, and clean in their work.
  • Meet deadlines while maintaining quality standards with all preventative maintenance, quoted work and service calls.
  • Maintain a professional appearance of self, van, and tools.
  • Effectively communicate issues and sales opportunities with other team members.
  • Utilize and maintain MobilTek.
  • Suggest innovative ways to improve processes and service delivery.


  • Consider your basic to intermediate ability to maintain, and assist with the service and repair of a variety of cooling systems to include the following:
    • DX and chilled water equipment including RTU’s, split systems, self-contained water cooled, ductless splits/VRF systems, chillers, cooling towers, dry coolers/ evaporative coolers and WSHP’s.


Air Distribution:
  • Consider your basic to intermediate ability to maintain, and assist with the service and repair of a variety of air distribution systems to include the following:
    • VAV/VVT systems, ERV’s/HRV’s, fans/blowers, ductwork, dampers, air filtration, airflow measurements and air quality measurements.


  • Consider your basic to intermediate ability to maintain, and assist with the service and repair of a variety of electrical and control devices to include the following:
    • Mechanical electrical components (contactors, transformers, fuses etc.), solid states components, motors, motor controls, VFD’s, DDC, pneumatic controls, thermostats, unitary control hardware/software and building automation systems.


  • Consider your basic to intermediate ability to maintain, and assist with the service and repair of a variety of heating systems to include the following:
    • Gas and oil fired equipment including forced air furnaces, WSHP’s, electric heat, humidifiers, water and steam boilers, direct/indirect fired MUA’s & ARU’s and venting requirements.