Knott Mechanical | COVID-19 Mitigation
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Common Questions from Our Customers


Building Automation – “How do I know what we’ve done is working to keep us safe?” Knott Mechanical has developed a cutting- edge COVID-19 mitigation dashboard that measures and displays mitigation steps. Managers can view, monitor, assure the system is working, and make necessary adjustments to maintain a high level of employee safety.

AirFilters – “Will changing our air filters make a difference?” The EPA advises air cleaners and HVAC filters can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a building or small space. Knott Mechanical will advise you on improved filtration options.

Increasing Ventilation – “Should I simply increase the amount or outside air that comes into our building?” According to ASHRAE -Changing system settings and sequences of operation without a good understanding of the effects on system operation could result in unintended consequences. Knott Mechanical can develop a strategy that will maximize the use of outside air without unintended consequences.

UVGI and Bipolar Technology – “Does UV light and ionization really work against COVID-19?” Yes. Research shows using these technologies, combined with other mitigation steps, can decrease the COVID-19 spread in indoor environments. Knott Mechanical can assess and install the technology that is best for you.

Bipolar Ionization What does this technology do to reduce COVID-19 risk? Bipolar ionization releases charged atoms that attach to and deactivate harmful substances like bacteria, mold, allergens, and viruses. It first arrived in the US in the 1970s as a tool to control pathogens in food manufacturing. Research shows that, combined with other mitigation steps, Bipolar ionization can decrease the spread of COVID-19 in indoor environments. Knott Mechanical can install bipolar ionization technology.

Touchless Mechanisms –   “What can I implement to reduce the risk of COVID-19 via surfaces?” Knott Mechanical can recommend and install touchless faucets, flush valves, water coolers and other devices.

“We practice what we preach with COVID safety”

Knott Mechanical believes we are personally accountable for our own safety and collectively responsible for each other’s safety without compromise.

The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

You can take steps to slow the spread.

Stay at least 6 feet away from others whenever possible. This is very important in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when around others. This helps reduce the risk of spread both by close contact and by airborne transmission.

Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Avoid crowded indoor spaces and ensure indoor spaces are properly ventilated by bringing in outdoor air as much as possible. In general, being outdoors and in spaces with good ventilation reduces the risk of exposure to infectious respiratory droplets.

Stay home and isolate from others when sick.

Routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

Pandemics can be stressful, especially when you are staying away from others. During this time, it is important to maintain social connections and care for your mental health.