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Hours, Not Days

A lot can happen in just a few hours after a commercial HVAC system fails. Temperatures can become extremely uncomfortable, resulting in decreased productivity. In some cases, businesses are forced to shut down completely. When it’s an emergency, don’t wait for someone else. Push the Knott button, any time, day or night. We promise to be there within hours of your call. And you can have that in writing. It’s in every one of our service contracts:

"Knott Mechanical warrants a 2-hour response time for all service calls deemed an emergency by an authorized source."

And take it from us, if your employees or tenants are uncomfortable… we think it’s an emergency.

Additionally, we stock Spot Coolers which can be onsite and running within hours of the time they are needed.

Emergency Remote Assistance

Even in the dead of night, our on-call technicians are equipped with laptops and the necessary building automation software required for remote access to your building’s ventilation systems. Remote access gives us the ability to diagnose problems faster and save you money from unnecessary downtime.

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