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PTO Time
It is important for employees to have time away from work. Knott Mechanical, Inc. recognizes the importance of and personal benefits from time away from work to relax and recharge. You are encouraged to use your accrued PTO time, which is provided to you with pay.

Earned PTO Time
You earn PTO time each calendar year as indicated below. You begin to accrue PTO from the date of hire, but are not eligible to use accrued leave until after the completion of the ninety (90) day Introductory Period. If you are not at work on that day, PTO time becomes available when you return to work. Your accrual rate at a new level begins the first pay period following your anniversary date.

Employment Classification Classification Annual Accrual
Regular, Full-time (40 hrs per week) Administration 9 days
  Executive Assistant 14 days
  Assistant Manager 14 days
  Manager 19 days
  Tech I 9 days
  Tech II 14 days
  Tech III 19 days

Your PTO time accrues each bi-weekly pay period. Your employment classification determines your rate of accrual at the end of the period.

Accrued PTO must be used when you are away from work before unpaid time may be taken.

PTO pay is counted as eligible compensation for the 401 (k) plans.

PTO time does not count as hours worked for overtime purposes.

Health, Dental, Vision
Knott Mechanical provides at no cost to the employee comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maryland. Coverage includes individual, husband and wife, parent and child and family coverage. There are no additional costs incurred to cover the employee’s family members.

Life Insurance
Knott Mechanical provides at no cost to the employee $50,000 term life insurance policy.

Short and Long Term Disability
Knott Mechanical provides short and long term disability benefits. STD and LTD benefits are paid for by the employee in order to maximize the benefit to the employee in the unfortunate event they are ever needed.

Workers’ Compensation
Knott Mechanical provides at no cost to the employee comprehensive Workers’ Compensation insurance policy.

Knott Mechanical, Inc. provides the following paid holidays to you:

  • New Years Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve ½ Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Eve ½ Day

Holidays that fall on Saturday will be observed on Friday. Holidays, which fall on Sunday, will be observed on Monday.

If you are a full-time employee, your holiday pay is based on your regular rate of pay for an eight (8) hour day.

If you are a nonexempt benefits-eligible part-time employee your will receive four (4) hours of holiday pay.

If you are an exempt benefits-eligible part time employee, you will be paid for the days that your are regularly scheduled to work during a holiday workweek. If the holiday falls on the regularly scheduled day off, you may take another day off during the same week as the holiday.

If an observed holiday falls within your PTO time away, the day is not counted as a PTO day.

If an observed holiday falls while you are on a leave of absence (paid or unpaid), you will not be paid for that holiday.

Eligible employees receive holiday pay for any scheduled holidays after their date of hire.

Full-time regular employees receive the equivalent of one (1) day’s base pay at their regular rate for the holiday. Part-time regular employees who work a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week will receive holiday pay pro-rated based on regularly scheduled work hours.

Time Off to Vote
You may take up to two (2) hours paid time off to vote on Election Day.

Jury Duty and Witness Pay
Time off for jury duty is granted to all regular, full time employees. Your jury duty pay will be based on the number of hours you normally would be scheduled to work on each day absent. Time served on jury duty will count as time worked and is to be marked on your timesheet. If you were previously scheduled for PTO and are called for jury duty on that day, your time will be documented as jury duty.

If you are absent for jury duty, you must provide your Manager with a copy of the subpoena, jury certificate or court order before leave is granted, and again upon your return to work. If you have been dismissed from jury duty during a workday, your are to report back to work if four (4) or more hours remain in that workday.

If you are involved in a court proceeding either as a witness or as a party, you may use any accrued PTO time for your absences or request an unpaid leave of absence.

If you serve as a witness in a matter directly or indirectly involving Knott Mechanical, Inc., your time away from work for this purpose is paid time.

Compassionate Leave
A maximum of two (2) days of paid leave will be provided to you for absences necessitated by death in your immediate family, serious family emergencies or other extreme circumstances. This leave will be granted at the discretion of your Manager. For the purposes of this plan, immediate family is defined as spouse, child/step child, father/stepfather, mother/stepmother, sister, brother, grandparents, grandchild, father/mother/sister/brother-in-law.

If necessary, you may request additional time off from your Manager. You must first use any accrued PTO time and then request an unpaid leave of absence. Funeral pay hours do no count as hours worked.

There is no waiting period for funeral pay eligibility.


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